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1000L Fuchs Plantoflux-AT/46-S

1000L Fuchs Plantoflux-AT/46-S


Syntetisk brannsikker hydrauliskvæske basert på organiske estere type, HFDU som er raskt biologisk nedbrytbare. 


PLANTOFLUX AT-S are fire resistant hydraulic fluids with self-extinguishing properties. PLANTOFLUX ATS are synthetic fluids formulated with organic esters and specifically selected additives. They do not
contain mineral oils and are free from toxic and unpleasant smelling decomposition products. PLANTOFLUX AT-S have a higher flash and combustion point than traditional, mineral oil-based hydraulic oils and are specifically designed to reduce the risk of violent explosion when coming in contact with open flames or hot metal surfaces. The high viscosity index, constant at all time, provides good lubrication performance in an extremely wide operating temperature range.

PLANTOFLUX AT-S offer high oxidation and ageing resistance, excellent corrosion protection and antiwear properties, low foaming tendency, rapid water separation and consequently reduction of water and
oil sludge. 

PLANTOFLUX AT-S are non-toxic, biodegradable over 90% according to CEC-L-33-A93 and not included in the CEC list of the hazardous products subject to labelling. PLANTOFLUX AT-S has also
excellent biodegradation of > 60% according to OECD 301B.

PLANTOFLUX AT-S are Factory Mutual Research approved as less flammable hydraulic fluids and listed in the Group 1 of the Approval Guide (approval procedure no. 3014386).


  • Rapidly biodegradable (> 90% in 14 days, CEC-L-33-A-93, > 60% according to OECD 301B)
  • Non-toxic, physiologically harmless, free of heavy metals
  • Excellent EP-/AW-properties, excellent wear protection (Vickers 1000 h test “no wear”)
  • Excellent resistance to ageing and oxidation
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics, high natural viscosity index, shear-stable (VI > 180)
  • Rapid air release, low foaming
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Factory Mutual Research approved (listed in Group 1 of the Approval Guide, type HFDU)


PLANTOFLUX AT-S are primarily used as fire resistant hydraulic fluids in machines or plants operating in hazardous conditions, i.e. where naked flames or high temperatures are present and the fire risk caused by the fluid leakage is high, most notably: steel mills, blast furnaces, continuous casting machine, coke plants, etc. PLANTOFLUX AT-S are generally applicable in any hydraulic systems where environmental protection and biodegradability are a priority. 

PLANTOFLUX AT-S are miscible and compatible with conventional mineral oils, therefore a change to PLANTOFLUX AT-S is possible at any time. Please contact our Technical Assistance. The compatibility with Nitrile, Teflon, Viton and Silicon elastomers is good, whereas the use of Neoprene, Ethylenepropylene, Butyl and Isoprene seals and hoses is not commonly recommended.

Before filling the hydraulic circuit with PLANTOFLUX AT-S it is important to know whether the fluid used previously was a mineral oil, a phosphate ester or a different one, such as water/glycol or inverted emulsion.

PLANTOFLUX AT-S fluids possess a very high oxidation resistance and are able to resist for a long time to thermic-oxidative conditions, without suffering alterations of relevance. The joined action of metals, water and pollutant can accelerate the oxygen attack at high temperature, therefore, in order to get the best performances of the in-service fluid, it is advisable to maintain it well cleaned and free of water.

Recommended maximum application temperatures: 70 °C – 90 °C in the operating parts of the hydraulic system. Temperature peaks of 90 °C are tolerable only for a short period of time. A periodical control of the in-use product is recommended by means of samples to be tested in FUCHS' laboratories. Our Technical Assistance will advise the customer on the best suggestions according to the test results.

General recommendations concerning change to PLANTOFLUX AT-S

Mineral oil
Owing the miscibility and compatibility of PLANTOFLUX AT-S with mineral oils, only draining before replacement is required. In case of relevant presence in the hydraulic system of deposits and sludge, a preliminary flushing with PLANTOFLUX AT-S is recommended. Filters should be cleaned or replaced.

Phosphate esters
PLANTOFLUX AT-S is miscible and compatible with phosphate esters, therefore the same procedure as for mineral oils can be followed. The compatibility with PLANTOFLUX AT-S of elastomer components, i.e. seals, hoses, etc., present in the system, must be controlled in advance in the FUCHS' technical assistance laboratories.

Other fluids (water base)
Procedure for replacement is different depending on the fluid type. Please contact our technical department.

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