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12X470GR Fuchs Gleitmo 805 Patrone
  • 12X470GR Fuchs Gleitmo 805 Patrone

    GLEITMO 805


    White high performance grease paste for long-term lubrication under extreme conditions and for assembly




    GLEITMO 805 is a high-performance grease paste based on a mineral oil with a synergetically effective combination of highly effective white solid lubricants.


    Performance Features


    • temperature range: -20 / +110 °
    • withstands extreme pressures
    • results in low coefficients of friction
    • reduces wear to a minimum
    • adheres extremely well
    • protects against corrosion and is water-resistant
    • prevents fretting corrosion
    • avoids stick-slip and seizing


    Field of application


    GLEITMO 805 can be used for machine elements of all types, simultaneously subject to extreme pressures, shock loads and vibratory or oscillatory movements. For paired sliding surfaces which have a tendency to stick-slip and seizure. For low sliding speeds and high pressures, if fretting corrosion occurs. GLEITMO 805 is particularly suitable for the lubrication of lathe chucks and clamping elements. Further typical applications: plastic gears, gaskets of industrial shock suppressors, spindles, big armatures, sliding guides, sliding bearings, oscillating bolts of construction machinery, ball joints, low-speed worm gears, etc. It is furthermore suitable as a general assembly paste. Wherever a high adhesive power of the lubricant and best lubrication properties are required. Due to the high content of solid lubricants only suitable for low-speed anti friction bearings.




    GLEITMO 805 has the German Railway material no. “DB Material-Nr. 823600”.

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