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208L Fuchs Ecocool BFF 25

208L Fuchs Ecocool BFF 25



ECOCOOL BFF 25 er en bor-, og formaldehydfri semisyntetisk vannblandbar skjærevæske. Produktet er utviklet for alle typer bearbeidning i støpejern, stål samt enkelre bearbeidning i rustfritt stål, titan, kobber og bronse







Water-miscible cutting fluid




ECOCOOL BFF 25 is a water-miscible cutting fluid of the highest quality. The product is based on highly refined base oil with carefully selected additives for best performance. ECOCOOL BFF 25 is free of boron, monoethanolamine (MEA) and formaldehyde.




The product has a wide range of uses and is recommended for processing in cast iron, steel and aluminum. For sensitive aluminum alloys, we recommend to perform a discoloration test before starting maching. Recommended concentration The concentration depends on the application but should not be below 6% to guarantee the performance of the product. Cast iron: general machining 6-7% grinding 6% Steel: general machining 7-10% grinding 6-7% Aluminum: general machining 7-10%


Advantages / Benefits

• For machining cast iron, steel and aluminum

• Extremely good anti-corrosion properties

• Excellent cooling and cleaning properties

• Free from boron, MEA and formaldehyde

• Very stable emulsion

• Low foaming

• Highly lubricating product

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