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208L Fuchs Ecocool FE 40

208L Fuchs Ecocool FE 40



Halvsyntetisk vannblandbar skjærevæske, fri for bor, formaldehyd og flyktige aminer. Passer for alle typer bearbeiding i støpejern og stål. Produktet kan misfarge kobber og aluminium legeringer og anbefaler derfor en kompatibilitetstest før bruk. Anbefalt konsentrasjon 6-10% .


Product description

ECOCOOL FE 40 is a semi-synthetic water miscible cutting fluid free from boron, formaldehyde and volatility amines. The product consists of highly refined mineral oil and carefully selected additives in order to extend the tool life and provide the best lubricating effect.


Application areas

ECOCOOL FE 40 is specially designed for all types machining in composite materials for aerospace industry and for all types of cutting and grinding operations in cast iron and steel. The product may stain sensitive alloys of aluminum or copper. Do a staining test before starting any cutting operation in sensitive alloys of aluminum or copper.

OBS! The concentrate shall always be added to the water. 


Recommended concentration is 6%-12%. 

The optimum mixing temperature for water and concentrate is 15 - 20°C.


Characteristics and advantages

ECOCOOL FE 40 is developed with new technique that minimize soap formation. The product is free from boron, formaldehyde and volatility amines in order to provide an optimal working environment for the operators. ECOCOOL FE 40 has very good cleaning effect with an outstanding corrosion protection. The product gives good lubrication, fast tram oil rejection and low drag out losses.


Tests and approvals

Approved by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman for machining composite materials.


Handling and storage

Avoid skin contact. In the event of contact with skin, wash with soap and water. Store the product indoors at a temperature of between 5°C to 30°C. Dispose of used fluid at a recycling station or equivalent. Safety data sheets are available on or supplied on request

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