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208L Fuchs Ecocool S CO

208L Fuchs Ecocool S CO



Syntetisk skjærevæske for sliping i hardmetall. Produktet avgir ikke kobolt og er uten formaldehyd, bor og mineralolje og bidrar dermed til et godt arbeidsmiljø. Lavtskummende med utmerket rustbeskyttelse. Anbefalt konsentrasjon er 4–6 %.


ECOCOOL S CO Water miscible cutting fluid Description ECOCOOL S CO is a synthetic water miscible cutting fluid free from formaldehyde, boron and mineral oil. The product has a unique formula in order to minimize the risk of cobalt leaching during carbide grinding. ECOCOOL S CO is known for low drag out losses and excellent cleaning effect.




ECOCOOL S CO is recommended for carbide grinding and easy machining in steel. Recommended concentration for carbide grinding is 4-6% and for easy machining and grinding in low alloyed steel 4-5% 




• Prevents cobalt leaching

• Special additives reduce the risk of burnings when grinding.

• Prolong the lifetime of the grinding wheel

• Low foaming

• Optimum wetting, cooling and flushing

• Easy filtrated


Handling and storage


Avoid skin contact. In the event of contact with skin, wash with soap and water. Store the product indoors at a temperature of between 5°C to 30°C. Dispose of used fluid at a recycling station or equivalent. Safety data sheets are available on or supplied on request

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