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5L Fuchs Antifoam LC 30 W

5L Fuchs Antifoam LC 30 W



Skumdemper som raskt gir langvarige resultater. Produktet fungerer både for emulsjoner og syntetisk. Tilsett 0,001% til 0,01% av skumdemperen til systemet.



ANTIFOAM LC 30 W is based on organic modified siloxane compounds. ANTIFOAM LC 30 W delivers an immediate and long-lasting defoaming and deaerating effect. It is suitable for use of mineral oil-based-, synthetic emulsions and solutions. ANTIFOAM LC 30 W can also be used to facilitate or simplify the removal of metal reaction products from working fluids.



ANTIFOAM LC 30 W is added to conventional watermiscible cutting fluids in concentrations from 0.001 to 0.01 %. It is typically added to cleaning solutions and synthetic cutting fluid emulsions and finishing compounds in concentrations of 0.002 %. By using special solubilizers a rapid distribution of the active ingredient is obtained. 

ANTIFOAM LC 30 W does not form separating films on metallic surfaces and does not inhibit any subsequent procedural steps such as cleaning, painting or electroplating.

ANTIFOAM LC 30 W is applied slowly to paper filters by means of the filtration procedure, but it is eliminated by means of micro filtration modules or separators and must then be re-added. A portion of the agent is removed along with the skimmed oil.



  • very effective defoamer
  • spontaneous and lasting effect
  • compatible with all aqueous solutions and emulsions
  • no negative effect on cleaning, painting electroplating etc.


Storage conditions

If sealed in the original container ANTIFOAM LC 30 W can be stored up to 1 year at temperatures between 5 to + 40 °C. Please homogenize before use.

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