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12X250GR Fuchs Gleitmo 825 Pinseldeckeldose
  • 12X250GR Fuchs Gleitmo 825 Pinseldeckeldose

    GLEITMO 825


    White lubrication and release agent


    Performance Features

    • temperature range: -30 / +1150 °C
    • excellent release performance at high temperatures
    • excellent protection against frictional wear
    • protects against welding or seizing




    The combination of additives and carrier oils in GLEITMO 825 have a lubrication and release function. At temperatures above 200 °C, the carrier oils evaporate without leaving any residues. The remaining dry film provides lubrication and release functions up to 1150 °C.


    Field of application


    GLEITMO 825 is recommended for hot forming tools and processes, highly stressed joints and threaded connections subject to high temperatures, especially stainless steel materials.


    Method of application


    Apply a thin and even film of GLEITMO 825 onto the clean surface with a brush or a cloth. Re-application intervals depend on the operating conditions.

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