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1KG Fuchs Carbaflo 2160

1KG Fuchs Carbaflo 2160



Perfluorinated anti-creak paste


Performance Features

  • temperature range: -60 / + 260°C
  • excellent low-temperature suitability
  • resistant to dusts and other aggressive media
  • odorless, fire-proof, physiologically harmless
  • outstanding wear protection properties





CARBAFLO 2160 is a white, almost transparent high-temperature paste for the lubrication of bearings, slide rails or plug-in contacts. It is resistant to most lyes and acids, features excellent EP properties and acts as electric insulator. The low evaporation rate of the base oil guarantees extended relubrication intervals.

Field of application


CARBAFLO 2160 shows an excellent oxidation ressitance compared to pastes based on mineral oil and other synthetic oils. It is non toxic and physiologically harmless in the applicable temperature range. CARBAFLO 2160 has outstanding lubrication properties across the whole temperature range. The product is chemically inert and not affected by chemicals used for metalworking or coating. Properly applied, CARBAFLO 2160 guarantees a lifetime lubricatoin of sensitive slide rails and adjusting mechanisms like in sunroofs. The paste does not mix with aggressive dusts thus preventing creaking noise. There is no stick-slip effect. CARBAFLO 2160 features excellent dielectric properties and is suitable for the lubrication of electrical components.


Method of application


The surface of the parts to be lubricated should be completely clean, i.e. free of dust, dirt, fingerprints, mineral oils or other synthetic oils. Pretreatment using METABLANC PFPE as cleaner and primer is very beneficial.
Please consider our Technical Information on the lubrication with PFPE pastes.

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