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1KG Fuchs Gleitmo 100
  • 1KG Fuchs Gleitmo 100

    En myk sort monteringspasta basert på faste smøremidler med molybdendisulfid kombinert med spesielt utvalgt mineralolje. GLEITMO 100 kan brukes i innkjøringen av hardt belastede glidelager, geider, styreskinner, gir og gjengestenger. Den kan også brukes til smøring av skruer/bolter og gjengeforbindelser, samt montering og innpressing av lager etc. Andre bruksområder er justeringsmekanismer samt brotsjing, bøying, stansing og pressing.

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    Performance Features

    temperature range: -35 / +400 °C

    facilitates assembly and disassembly

    protects against running-in damage

    prevents stick slip

    reduces friction and wear

    is extremely pressure-resistant

    provides emergency lubrication

    permits economical application

    increases operating reliability


    GLEITMO 100 is a smooth assembly paste with an extremely large range of applications. It is based on a synergetic combination of new solid lubricants with molybdenum disulphide. A specially selected mineral oil acts as the carrier of the solid lubricant combination.

    Field of application

    GLEITMO 100 is used for running-in lubrication of highly-loaded plain bearings, slideways and guideways, gears and threaded spindles, as well as lubrication of screw and threaded connections. For mounting and pressing-in of bearings and disks, wheels and bolts. For lubrication of adjusting mechanisms as well as for drifting, bending, punching, pressing and stamping.

    Method of application

    Clean the area to be lubricated and apply a thin paste coating with a rigid brush or with a lint-free cloth. GLEITMO 100 is also available in the handy brush-in-cap can.

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