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1L Pentosin FFL-3 / Fuchs Titan FFL-3

1L Pentosin FFL-3 / Fuchs Titan FFL-3



Premium Performance DCTF. Specially developed for ZF/Porsche Double Clutch Transmission with wet clutch.




TITAN FFL-3 is a special transmission oil that was developed exclusively for use in manual and dualclutch ZF transmissions (DCT). The exclusive and innovative additive technology was adapted to the high and diverse demands of ZF transmissions in coordination with ZF. The special additive technology guarantees optimum friction value performance and ensures that the shifting processes are precise and as fast as possible even in very demanding situations.

TITAN FFL-3 does of course meet the exacting standards in terms of compatibility with non-ferrous heavy metals and the electronic components, which is enormously important for the functioning of the electrical/hydraulic control circuit.




TITAN FFL-3 was developed specifically for use in ZF dual-clutch transmissions and manual transmissions. Consequently, TITAN FFL-3 is the only product that has been exclusively approved for use in ZF 7-speed dual-clutch transmissions pursuant to ZF TE-ML 11. This line of transmissions is installed into a wide range of Porsche models (Porsche PDK). Furthermore, TITAN FFL-3 has been exclusively approved for ZF S6-35/ S6-45 manual transmissions, which are utilized by manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Jaguar Land Rover. The product must be homogenized before use. To warrant the perfect functioning of the transmissions, TITAN FFL-3 must not be blended for use with other transmission oils. For safety and disposal instructions, please refer to the latest safety data sheet.


Note: This product has been previously marketed under PENTOSIN FFL-3.




 The friction value characteristics are specifically matched with ZF dual-clutch transmission systems

 the result: optimum shifting performance even under maximum stress and taxing sporty driving demands

 Combines best wear and tear prevention with excellent friction stability

 Reliably prevents corrosion and sludge deposits

 Excellent compatibility with non-ferrous heavy metals and electronic components of the hydraulic control circuit

 Optimized foaming properties


Specifications  -




 MB-APPROVAL 236.24

 ZF TE-ML 11 (ZF004742)


FUCHS Recommendations


 BMW 83 22 2 167 666 (MTF-LT-5)


 PORSCHE 999 917 080 00

    kr 349,00Pris
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