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Rivolta S.L.X. Top Spray, 12X400ML

Rivolta S.L.X. Top Spray, 12X400ML

Unik rengjøringsspray for elektriske komponenter.


The high- performance electro- cleaner. The electro cleaner with high cleaning power for the efficient cleaning of electrical equipment and components such as e.g. electrical switch stations, sweat transformers and generators, E- motors etc.  


Key Benefits of S.L.X. Top


  • NSF-K2 listed

  • High cleaning power

  • Mean rapid, residue-free evaporation

  • Practically free of aroma                                                          

  • Various fields of application

  • Dielectric strength 100,000 Volt/ em

  • Also available as aerosol

    kr 3 222,00Pris
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